HR System

In line with the trend of global competition, we are operating a performance-based HR system based on performance and competence, not seniority.
Free from the conservative and rigid corporate hierarchy, we practice the HR system based on an advanced performance culture.
Through this, HANYOUNG is transforming into a more flexible organization and becoming a global leading company.

Based on the employees’ awareness of the values ​​and the desired outcomes of the company, the company is not only developing itself but also promoting growth through employee development.

HANYOUNG’s basic working standards are as follows:
Working hours Office: 08:30 ~ 18:30 (including break time)
Production Dept : 07:30 ~ 18:30 (including break time)
Working days Every Monday-Friday (5 days a week)
Annual Salary (Including bonuses in annual salary. Bonuses are paid at Lunar New Year and Chuseok.)
* The salary increase may be subject to a differential increase rate depending on the high salary.
Allowance Overnight Allowance, Holiday (Overtime) Allowance, Annual / Monthly Allowance
4 major insurance National pension, employment insurance, industrial accident insurance, health insurance.
Allowance Overnight Allowance, Holiday (Overtime) Allowance, Annual / Monthly Allowance.
Holiday / Anniversary Holiday Gifts , Anniversary Gifts.
Office environment Women’s Lounge, Shower, Wireless Internet, Handicap Ramp, Elevator
Meal Management Cafeteria
Holiday / Vacation Closed annual, half and labor day
Medical / Health Health Check
Clothing Uniform / safety shoes
Residential environment Dormitory