Hanyoung established a research institute in accordance with diversification of developments of shoe material and industrial material that are new and continuously conducts research and development of adhesives and pretreatments.

The R & D center of the Non-Woven Fabric Division strives to improve the quality of existing products, support customer technology, and develop new products with business partners of customers.
In order to achieve this goal, we have established a research and development system for the new era, and support the R & D organization to perform flexible operations and creative activities with utmost R & D mind.
We will continue to grow to a global company with future-oriented thinking, planning, research and development, overseas market development and development for Eco-friendly environment.

R & D Status


Developed Toluene-free solvent type polyurethane adhesive.
Development of Toluene-free solvent type primer for EVA-form.
Developed UV pretreatment agent for EPDM sponge (REEBOK 3-DMF Phylon).


Developed Water-based Polyurethane Adhesive.
Development of water-based pretreatment.
Developed pretreatment for water-based EVA-form.
Developed non-yellowing rubber pretreatment.


Development of pretreatment for PP Sheet Film (Industrial).
Development of Water-based Pretreatment Agent for Out Sole-Rubber.


Development of Water-based Pretreatment Agent for EVA-Foam.
Development of water-based pretreatment for rubber.


Development of high functional shoe insole using nonwoven fabric.


Development of new non-woven materials for maximum surface area.


Development of vertical laminated non woven fabric to replace PU sponge for anti-yellowing and molding.


Development of Activated Carbon Non-woven Fabric for Maximizing Deodorization.
Patent of manufacturing method of heat fusion shoe mid-sole (bamboo EJB) using recycled polyethylene sheet


Development of new material for composite gradient non-woven prefilter.
Patented shoe insole and its manufacturing method incorporating activated carbon non-woven fabric.
Patent for thermal fusion shank (bamboo shank) for shoe sole using recycled sheet.


Developed hybrid air filter for energy and automotive industry (1st year).


Developed hybrid air filter for energy and automotive industry (2nd year).
Applied for trademark registration of HANTEX and HANBOARD.
Lamude & Hanyber trademark registration application


Development of gas turbine pre-filter cooperation between streams, Korea District Heating Corporation
Developed non-woven filter for exhaust and suction of paint booth


Patent application of vertical laminated non-woven fabric, apparatus and method for manufacturing same.


Developed high-performance shoe cushion insole.


Development of midsole non-woven fabric using leather scrap and recycled fiber (first year, success).


Developed mid-sole non-woven fabric using leather scrap and recycled fiber (second year, success).